What are the Ethnographic Museum’s opening hours?
Opening hours

Is there an admission charge?

Where is the Ethnographic Museum located?

Location / Map  

Are there any interesting landmarks close to the Museum?
The Museum is located at the heart of the historical area in the limits between the San Telmo and Montserrat neighbourhoods.


There are several well-known places close to the Museum. These are just a few of them:

  • Casa Rosada
  • Obelisco
  • San Telmo Fair (only on Sundays)
  • Manzana de las Luces
  • Iglesia de San Ignacio
  • Iglesia de San Francisco
  • Iglesia de Santo Domingo
  • Zanjón de Granados
  • Museo de la Ciudad
  • Museo del Bicentenario
  • Museo del Cabildo
  • Avenida de Mayo
  • Puerto Madero neighbourhood
  • Casa de la Cultura


Is parking available?
There are several paid parking lots and garages near the Museum, and there is very limited on-street parking (which is free on weekends). Due to traffic congestions on weekdays and closed off streets on weekends, the Museum discourages coming by car.

Are baby strollers permitted in the Museum?
Single-baby strollers are permitted in the Museum.


Are visitors permitted to sketch in the Museum?
Pencils, pens, sketchbooks, and notebooks are permitted. However, paints and easels are not permitted.

Is photography allowed in the exhibitions?
Is it permitted to take photos for personal use but without flash. Commercial use must be pre-arranged with the museum.

Is there a Museum Store?
Yes, there is. Museum Store

Is there a cafe or restaurant at Museum premises?

There is no cafe or restaurant at the Museum. However, the area has plenty of historical cafés, eateries and restaurants.

Are there any tours or public programs scheduled during my visit?
Guided tours

How do I arrange a visit for a group tour?
Group tours

How do I arrange a visit for a personal/individual tour?
Booking a tour

How do I contact the Museum?
For further information you can contact our Cultural Actions Area at (54-11) 5287-3063, Tuesday through Friday, 12am to 5pm, or e-mail questions to etnovis@filo.uba.ar